Hayer Dam

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County of Sacramento

Owner Contact:

Roy T. Imura

Owner Phone:


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Completion Date:

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Techn. Description :

Weir Construction, Infiltration Gallery, Footbridge, Pump Station, Large Piping & Dewatering

Techn. Work Description:

Reinforced concrete, clearwater stream diversion, weir construction, infiltration gallery, footbridge pump station, large piping and dewatering

Final Amount:


Contract Number:

Project ID 3870

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Performance Comments:

Project Manager:

Steve Shongood

Super Intendent:

Scott Campbell or D. Edwards

Major Contractors:

James Riolo Paving, Inc.
Camblin Steel Service
E.P. Jarret Foundation Co.
Ueland Electric
Viking Drilling EX
Pisor Fence Division, Inc.