Pine Creek Bridge

130 WD + 5 WD (CCO)=135 WD, Work completed in 120 WD.

Job Number:



State of California Department of Transportation

Owner Contact:

Jim Rogers

Owner Phone:


Start Date:


Completion Date:

130 WD

Contract Value:


Techn. Description :

River Road Re-Alignment – Pine Creek Overflow Bridge

Techn. Work Description:

Construct a new reinforced concrete bridge on cast in steel shell concrete piling, realign intersection, new drainage systems. 6050 M3 Roadway Excavation, 3,720 M3 Import Borrow, 4,730 M3 Aggregate base, 4590 MT Asphaltic Concrete, 420 M3 Structural Concrete, 18 EA 460 mm Pile.

Final Amount:


Contract Number:


Change Comments:

Dugout Failing Pavement 44,000 and minor changes.

Award Date:


Performance Comments:

130 WD + 5 WD (CCO)=135 WD, Work completed in 120 WD.

Project Manager:

Brent Whaley

Super Intendent:

James Campbell

Major Contractors:

Vintage Paving – AC Paving
EP Jarrett – Piling
Harris Salinas Rebar – Reinforcing Steel
Central Fence – Metal Beam Guard Rail