Breakwater Repair

Work completed within contract time.

Job Number:



District, Crescent City Harbor

Owner Contact:

Crescent City Harbor Richard Young

Owner Phone:

(707) 464-6174

Start Date:


Completion Date:

84 WD

Contract Value:


Techn. Description :

Breakwater Repair including a Concrete Wall and Rip Rap

Techn. Work Description:

Excavation of the existing 4 – 8 ton Armor stone (4,750 CY). Construction of 8’x3′ Reinforced concrete diaphram wall (661 CY). Reconstruction of the breakwater around the diaphram wall using the excavated stone and additional material, (2 Ton armor – 2603 Ton, 6 Ton Armor – 1,257 Ton.)

Final Amount:


Contract Number:

Change Comments:

Repairs extended. Original length 523 LF, Total length repaired 743 LF.

Award Date:


Performance Comments:

Work completed within contract time.

Project Manager:

Kevin Ramstrom

Super Intendent:

Bill Green

Major Contractors: